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Posted by Dennis

Read Chuck's Introduction To 'Burnt Tongues: Stories'

While Chuck's next novel Beautiful You won't be released until October of this year, a couple months earlier another project he's been heavily involved with-- a passion project, if you were-- will become available. Burnt Tongues: Stories is an anthology of transgressive fiction written by... well... you. The fans. Constructed over many years, these stories were a part of Chuck's online writers workshop. While the workshop shut its doors a few years back, for a long time it thrived on this website, with Chuck reading and critiquing the best works each month. He'd then provide craft essays and homework assignments for up and coming writers so that they could be improved. By the end of the entire process, Chuck painstakingly whittled this list of hundreds of submitted stories over the years, down to the 20 best. And those 20 best comprise Burnt Tongues: Stories, an anthology co-edited by Chuck, Richard Thomas, and myself.

You can order this amazing collection today, if you like.

But if you're looking for a teaser first, the wonderful folks at Medallion Press have decided to let us make Chuck's wonderful introduction to the anthology available online, for free. It might sound hyperbolic to say this, but I count this introduction as one of the finest and most moving things Chuck has ever written. 

Read Chuck Palahniuk's introduction to Burnt Tongues: Stories.