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Posted by Dennis

'Phoenix' Is Now The #1 Kindle Single On Amazon!

Chuck Palahniuk's newest creation is not a novel.  It's a short story called 'Phoenix' that he wrote for the Kindle Single program on Amazon.  And in a little over two weeks, it's already climbed into the #1 spot in these three categories:

That's called a clean sweep, folks!

If you haven't read this amazong short story yet, I'd recommend going in blind.  I can tell you that it's dark, funny, sad, smart and haunting.  I honestly think it could be the best short story Chuck has ever written.  

The story is only about 20 pages and costs 99 cents on  So rather than paste a description of the story here, just take twenty minutes and go read it now.  

Get it from Amazon directly here.

Get it from Amazon UK and Canada here.

Get it for the Nook here.

And read an excerpt from the story from Byline here.

Chuck is also doing a series of craft essays about the making of the story. Then at the end of each essay, he's answering fan questions.

Read essay 1: 'Suddenly, Last Christmas'

Read essay 2: 'Playing With Time'

If you have questions for Chuck about 'Phoenix,' email them to