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Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories

Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories

It’s true. Chuck Palahniuk has a knack for finding the bizarre, whether it is in his head or in everyday life.

In Stranger Than Fiction, he goes from the Testicle Festival in Montana—where everyone is free to be naked and fornicate in any way imaginable on stage for everyone else to cheer-on—to a wrestling Olympic trial full of bleeding ears and busted knees.

Learn all about what it takes to be the king of a tractor demolition derby—it takes determination, heart, and a lot of leaking brake fluid. After which Palahniuk details how people react when he and a friend dress as giant fury dogs and walk around Seattle—“you think you’re cute? Well, you’re not. You’re just stupid.” Pretty much describes peoples’ reactions.

Not only does Stranger Than Fiction tell details of events, it profiles people from musician/actress Juliette Lewis to author Amy Hemple. Palahniuk’s probing interviews bring readers into the lives of these people like a typical Ryan Seacrest interview never could.

This collection of stories will take you into the world where Palahniuk gets his ideas. It’s strange, funny, and slightly heartwarming. Only slightly, though. Stranger Than Fiction will not disappoint. Even though this is a nonfiction collection, you should still think twice before eating a meal prior to cracking it open.