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Fugitives & Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon

Fugitives & Refugees: A Walk in Portland, Oregon

There is no other travel guide that you need when going to the Pacific Northwest. In Fugitives and Refugees, Palahniuk takes you on a journey through the Pacific Northwest and shows you things that only a native could know about. He takes you to the self-cleaning house and teaches you how sexual Portland, Oregon is—sexual fetish organizations and clubs galore!

Palahniuk also takes you on his acid trip in 1981 where he ate part of a woman’s fur coat during a showing of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. With the memoir sections of Fugitives and Refugees, you get a sense of what it was like growing up in Portland. At least what it was like for Chuck Palahniuk.

Being the cheapest city to live in on the west coast, Portland has its share of washed-up nothings making it rough around the edges. In some places, that is. So it’s not all fun and games and sex all the time.

Do not forget to bring this book with you when you go to the Pacific Northwest which, as a Palahniuk fan you inevitably will.