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Next time you think about giving someone the Heimlich maneuver to prevent them from choking, take a good long look at that person.

Victor Mancini plays a colonial servant by day and reveals his true sex-addicted con artist self by night. All for the purpose of trying to cope with and fix a withered relationship with his ailing mother. Mancini purposely chokes on food at restaurants to gain the attention of other diners and force someone to save his life. These saviors send him money for birthdays, Christmas and no occasion at all, feeling a sense of pride and obligation for saving his completely woeful life. As if Victor couldn't get any more pathetic, his raging sex addiction sends him to sex addicts anonymous meetings to troll for sexual partners.

Although his Alzheimer's-suffering mother has no idea who he is, she tells him--through a diary written completely in Italian—that he is a direct descendent of Jesus Christ himself. The son of Jesus, conning people out of money, having sex with "recovering" addicts. Even Victor can't understand, "It's pathetic how we can't live with the things we can't understand. How we need everything labeled and explained and deconstructed."

Chuck Palahniuk does it again with Choke. He turns an utterly pathetic character with very few redeeming qualities into a character that everyone can sympathize with and that everyone eventually learns to love. But, seriously, keep your eyes peeled next time you dine out for someone stuffing steak down their throat for a little attention. Does that person have mommy issues or are they really dying?