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The Official Site of Chuck Palahniuk is the official website of bestselling novelist Chuck Palahniuk.  Chuck is author of the novels Fight Club, Survivor, Invisible Monsters, Choke, Lullaby, Diary, Haunted, Rant, Snuff,  Pygmy, Tell-All, Damned, Invisible Monsters Remix, Doomed and the upcoming novel Beautiful You (2014) and short story collection, Make Something Up (2015)He also has two non-fiction books, the Portland travel memoir Fugitives & Refugees: A Walk In Portland, Oregon and the collection of true stories, essays, and interviews, Stranger Than Fiction.

Created in 1999 by Dennis Widmyer, has since gone onto become one of the most popular author websites in the world, functioning as the ultimate resource for Chuck Palahniuk and his work. In previous years, the site also served as a forum for up and coming writers to fine-tune their budding talent through a writers workshop co-created by Chuck himself. Through a series of features including interviews, reviews, news, pictures, tattoos, video, an expansive forum and more, functions as an official website with a fan spirit.

Over the years, has stacked up a run of accomplishments:

  • averages over 25,000 page views a day, from over 7,000 unique visitors. On an average month it receives over 700,000 page views from more than 155,000 unique visitors.
  • Our official Facebook page has over 560,000 Likes; our Tumblr over 11,000 followers, and our Twitter profile over 480,000 followers!
  • has been featured, reviewed, and plugged in/on the likes of Rolling Stone, Poets & Writers, Newsweek, Time, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and the Guardian UK.
  • Chuck Palahniuk was named as the second most popular author on the web by Google's Literati list.
  • The Huffington Post named our Twitter profile @chuckpalahniuk as one of the top 50 Best Book People To Follow On Twitter.
  • is known and registered as Chuck Palahniuk’s official website by almost every single search engine on the web. It has been listed on the back dust jacket of all of Chuck Palahniuk's books since 2001.

Chuck Palahniuk Tshirt Raffle for Diary!

  • In 2002, Chuck helped sponsor a Tshirt Raffle on whereby six winners were selected and had their names included in Chuck's 2003 novel Diary.
  • Chuck's 2002 novel Lullaby is dedicated to Dennis Widmyer, creator and webmaster of It is also dedicated to Amy Dalton, a close friend of his who he conceived the idea of the site with. Also, it's dedicated to Kevin Kolsch, with whom Dennis Widmyer and Joshua Chaplinsky made their 2003 film Postcards from the Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary with.

Premiere of "Postcards From The Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary" in Portland, OR.

  • Postcards from the Future: The Chuck Palahniuk Documentary was released in January 2004, but played in Portland, Oregon in December 2003 where it had its official premiere. Local press was on the scene, as well as Chuck himself, who gave a hysterical introduction for the film. Afterwards, the filmmakers were interviewed by the crowd, and the subsequent DVD of the documentary would later go onto receive rave reviews from the likes of Film Threat and Kevin Smith's Movie Poop Shoot; not to mention a slew of positive user ratings on the Internet Movie Database. sponsored a book drive for the troops on the front line of Iraq.

  • helped to sponsor a drive to send books to the troops on the front lines of Baghdad, Iraq. With the participation of 2nd Lt. Joshua D. Samuels, Dennis Widmyer and the site helped raise support for a library for the troops of Josh's barracks. This support reaches its way over to Chuck who purchased all the remaining stock of his 1996 novel Fight Club from publisher WW Norton, signed them, and had boxes of them sent overseas to Iraq.
  • In 2005 Chuck began submitting original writing essays on craft.  36 essays later and Chuck had amassed a wealth of knowledge on his readers; tools and writing tenants that could fill a book!  All 36 of these essays can be found on here.
  • In 2014, Medallion Press will publish Burnt Tongues, an anthology of the best short stories submitted to Chuck's workshop in 2004-2006.  The anthology is edited by Dennis Widmyer, Richard Thomas and Chuck himself (and also features an introduction by Chuck).  Read more about the anthology here.

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