Travis Stevens, Alexandra Essoe and Dennis Widmyer sit down with David Poland for DP/30's coverage of SXSW. At 40 minutes long, it's safe to say this is the 'Barbara Walters' of interviews we did for... more
Our third day at SXSW, we were grabbed from our hotel rooms, dragged into a black van, and shepered along for something called "press day." Just kidding... about the first part. We went willingly.... more
The buzz out of Starry Eyes' premiere at SXSW has been overwhelmingly positive. So we're going to use this post as a place to collect some of our best reviews and blurbs.  "If David Lynch... more
With all the madness lately, we haven't had time to keep this site updated enough. But we're back from SXSW now, so expect a deluge of new posts, many of which will be us catching up on all the... more
SXSW World Premiere Screening dates: Saturday, Mar 8th: 1159p Alamo Ritz 1 & 2 Monday, Mar 10th: 1159p SXSatellite: Marchesa Wednesday, Mar 12th: 1159p Stateside Theater Friday,... more
We have some great news for you today! After a long wait, we're finally ready to show you a glimpse of what all of our hard work this past year has lead to. just posted the... more
"Body horror is such a powerful sub-genre for us because the horror stems from within. There’s no running from it. There’s no exterior element hunting the character(s) down. It’s your own body that... more
Kevin and I will be guests of SXSW's 'Directing the Dead' panel, to be moderated by Scott Weinberg ( The panel is on Monday, March 10th from 1230p to 130p. more
As part of SXSW's awesome 'Filmmakers In Focu's profile, Kevin and I were interviewed about Starry Eyes and where some of our inspiration comes from. If you like stories about G.I. Joe and... more
Starry Eyes will have its world premiere at the Midnighters selection of SXSW!  It's been a looooong journey to get to this point and we're thrilled to get the share our film with you all soon... more