Starry Eyes is coming out on November 14th (VOD and day and date details coming soon from Dark Sky Films) and Cinefamily is hosting our LA release! If you've never been to Cinefamily, you aren't... more
One of our favorite websites has reviewed Starry Eyes. Check out Devin Faraci's review below: Starry Eyes is a low budget film, but Kolsch and Widmyer make good use of Los Angeles... more
Now that Starry Eyes is out on VOD, it is winding down its festival run. Here are our remaining screenings. Paris International Fantastic Fim Festival Paris, France Saturday, November 22nd... more
Today we are happy to announce that Starry Eyes will have its LA premiere at BeyondFest! Here are the details: Screening on September 29th, 730pm at The Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd... more
Next up for Starry Eyes is Vienna, Austria. We will be playing The Slash Fantastic Film Festival this September! Here is the screening time: Monday, September 22nd, 6pm Tickets and... more
Next up for Starry Eyes is France, as we touch down at one of the most magical cities in the world... Strasbourg! We will be playing The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival this... more
Herein lies an account of the adventures of Kevin and I in London for the UK premiere of Starry Eyes. I usually treat this (ahem official!) movie website like... well, an official website... more
First the U.S., then Switzerland, Canada and England... now Germany. A lot of Germany!  As part of the Fantasy Film Fest, starting in August (and through September) STARRY EYES will play the... more
Today we are happy to announce that WaxWork Records will distribute our score for Starry Eyes, composed by Jonathan Snipes ("Room 237"). This thing is a goddamn masterpiece of passion-... more
Woke up today to an awesome review of Starry Eyes from Variety. Here's a snippet: "The oft-told tale of a struggling actress seeking her first big break gets a juicy new spin in the... more